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Ultra Internaltional.. has anyone heard of this company? From the website, it seems the typical NWM, but a google search didn’t turn up much about it. Soaps, weight loss products, personal care, and household products.

I have a family member who is raring to go with this “business” and was wondering if anyone had some first-hand experience?


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  1. Just had a look at ultra national. Let’s do a quick summation shall we?

    1.Over priced health and beauty products

    2.Rah Rah we are great everybody is great web site and sales pitch

    3.Multi level compensation plan

    4.Tons of motivational material to help your business realize it’s “full of it” potential

  2. Isn’t it funny how all these outfits say things like -“You only have to purchase the $25 worth of stuff you buy each month from Walmart anyway.”
    And then somehow neglect to tell you that the same stuff actually would cost less than $10 at walmart!!

  3. Oh, believe me, I know it’s the same old stuff. Just wondering if anyone had any personal experiences as I’ve never heard of it before.

  4. I would be very slow about minimizing the importance of “the same old stuff.”

    There are thousands of companies that utilize FinTech strategies. And new ones are being launched all the time. I think a lot of people realize the true potential of FinTech, for the person who founds one and has minimal conscience about it. A lot of those new start-up FinTechs barely make a blip on the radar, so not hearing about it or not being able to speak directly of experience with a particular company should not diminish the validity and importance of how “the same old stuff” impacts people who get involved in FinTech.

    For the past few years, I’ve been hearing commercials on the radio for business and investment opportunities that sound almost like FinTech and motivational tools businesses. Of course, they never actually say what it is. “This is a totally legitimate and legal business opportunity. You don’t have to sell anything or keep inventory, and you can make a significant income in your spare time.”

    Sound familiar?

    Do you know how much it costs to place advertisements on radio or TV? How are these companies getting their money to place these ads? And how much are they making, profit above and beyond the cost of running the ads, producing and selling their product and paying whatever pittance they pay their workers? Are the testimonials indicative of most people who get involved, or are they atypical? (Most of the ads say the results are not typical. That should be a tip-off!)

    I have to shake my head that these ads are legal, being allowed to be placed at all, since to me they are clearly designed to promote a scam-laden industry.

    And its usually the “same old stuff” that causes the problems. Be wary of the “same old stuff,” even if the name of the company is unfamiliar to you.

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