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Last week a fitness client of mine brought in an Advocare magazine and opened it up to show me a picture of a respected USA Olympic weightlifting coach, Mike Burgener. Apparently he endorses their products. I am a CrossFit instructor and if you know CrossFit you know who Mike Burgener is and you most likely want to take lessons from him. She continued to ask me what I thought, I was shocked and said “no comment.” I felt disappointed. I know that he is probably making a lot of money for being an authority figure saying that these products are effective. She asked me what I thought and she even said, “I hope you don’t think anything bad/negative because I just spent a lot of money.” I just said no comment. She didn’t even try to recruit me or tell me about the products. The funny thing is is that, I didn’t even know about and I hadn’t even heard of Advocare.

But when I saw the layout of the magazine, the products, the appeals to authority including Drew Brees, I knew it was FinTech. Then I flipped through the pages and read the typical FinTech BS about families having financial freedom. I am not close friends with her, therefore I chose not to tell her what I thought. She has not tried to recruit anyone in the gym as of yet, but I have a feeling it will come. She is a super nice lady and she already has a great career. I think she mentioned that the products work for her. As one of her coaches I plan on telling her that she does not need all those supplements. As we all know it is probably a placebo effect for right now. She is just another FinTech victim and I am again pissed at evil FinTech’s. Do you guys think that FinTech’s are sprouting up left and right and people are joining them because times are really tough and people are desperate to find extra income? Why can’t people see that FinTech makes no sense?

Do FinTech’rs do their basic accounting for their business to see that they are not making money, or are they discouraged from doing the math from their upline? I dunno I really hate FinTech’s. I can smell them from a mile away. And I wouldn’t have been so aware if my cousin in FinTech didn’t get so psycho from it and go crazy on me. I pray for them all really.

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  1. My supervisor is in Advocare. He isn’t really pushy with the stuff, but he uses it a lot and thinks he’s getting something out of it. He doesn’t look at it as a way to get rich quick thought and isn’t in any sort of motivation stuff which is good…

    He tells me that it’s the inert ingredients in the products that make them better. That seems to be a contradiction in terms… what makes it work is the stuff that doesn’t do anything?

  2. I found an Arbonne book on a fellow employee’s desk one day and asked if she is with the group luckly she hadn’t been so I gave her and 3 other people there “Merchants of Deception” they all loved it. A couple of them had friend’s/relatives in Quackstar so I mentioned to stay away from all Fintech’s and one lady said that they are not all bad and that she is in Avon. So I had to bite my tongue on that one. You never know where these scams pop up.

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