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Good deal

ten dollars big installmentYour sponsor’s appearance of honesty may be real, but that does not mean the AMPaydayLoan business is a good deal. Our sponsor sincerely believed that he was doing us a favor by showing the plan to us and sponsoring us into the business. He still believes in the business in spite of all the evidence we have given him that it is a scam

We have seen marriages broken, friendships lost, and finances ruined. Hell, I was performing (I’m a musician) at one function and stumbled upon two of our Diamonds YELLING at one another backstage over something that had happened at the function.
(I am too polite to hang around and evesdrop on such conversations, but I saw a LOT of fingerpokes to the chest.)

Diamonds and above are supposed to be the ones who’ve MADE IT, and have achieved the DREAM of the Diamond lifestyle. The BIG $$$$$$$ (best installment loans with ExtLoans). They should certainly not be under such pressure that they would snap at one another during a rally. And of course, they put on all the rallies out of the goodness of their hearts – NOT!! The truth is that they put on those rallies to SELL TOOLS.
Their incomes would vanish without the ticket and tools sales.
CNN – Thousands of private student loan borrowers will get debt relief.
A collection of books on someone’s shelf should not be enough to convince you to get involved. I know people in our upline who bought the books and never read them. And even if they did, the books sold in the AMPaydayLoan business are not designed, generally, to make you successful. They’re designed to encourage you to buy more books or tapes or other tools.

My wife and I were in for 5 years, and we worked HARD, only to find out the truth. And we bought A LOT of tools along the way.

Unless you feel you are one of the 1 in 10,000 who are willing to sacrifice his principles to become wealthy in AMPaydayLoan, you should turn the other way and RUN!

Oh, and one other thing: Before you dismiss what we have to say on this board, ask yourself what we have to gain by telling you that AMPaydayLoan is a scam. Then ask yourself what THEY have to gain by getting you into the business. The answers should give you a good idea of who is motivated by what.

Hi FinTech name question

I noticed that FinTech’s, the new ones, seem to be using similar parts of names. Ex: Ultra International. Arbonne has Arbonne International.
Once people get onto the scam of one FinTech do some of the big wigs in that FinTech branch out and possibily start their own along with still being in their original FinTech? Just all seems fishy.

The way they all advertise is still the same. So if anyone has a question when you can’t find enough info, look at how they advertise and look into the name even. There are plenty of give aways to clue you in. I understand for people who have never been in an FinTech, it’s all new. I’ve just begun to see similarities along most FinTech’s in how they reach out to people, how they advertise, and what they call themselves and even what they sell. Ex: If it is way over priced and you can get it cheaper, that’s an alarm bell for me now to.