Legal Stuff
Begin by reading our Step-by-Step Instructions of what to do. It takes a lot of preparation and dedication, but it can be done! We also recommend watching our Documentary so you can see what we went through and what you might expect. This will help you be prepared if you’ve never done this sort of thing before. And it is great for educating others; it has changed the minds of some hard core opponents including one of our city councilors!
Wondering how other cities do it?

Click here to see a table that lists some of the basic restrictions found in 44 chicken-friendly cities around the country. There are many more cities that allow chickens, but this table lists a nice assortment, large and small, and fits on one page (nice for hand-outs). Click here for a current chart of chicken-keeping policies throughout the state of Oregon.
Not sure how to draft an ordinance of your own?

Click samples of wording to see ordinances from cities around the country.  This will help you draft a new ordinance, or amend an existing one, by using examples of actual ordinances from Denver, Boise, Portland, New York, Seattle, Fort Collins, Astoria, and Madison.
Next, take advantage of work we've already done.  You can save lots of time by using our very thorough Research Packet that addresses every possible concern your elected officials may have. It is fact-based, including charts, graphs, and cited references. You can modify items as needed to be more applicable to your particular situation but for the most part, this will be all you need to present to your local government.  Our packet has worked successfully in many cities and you can use it for free!
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Click here for additional research from the University of New Mexico
Chicken Revolution
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Got chickens? And now you want goats?

Here's a great resource for starting a "goat revolution" - The Goat Justice League.
So your city won't let you have a few pet hens? What can be done?