The site before we built the coop.Phase 1 - Setting the posts ahead of time.Phase 2 - Framing the door that was donated by Kris. Thank you!Pavers and bricks will keep predators from digging under the door - donated and installed by Kristi & Matt, Thank you!Phase 3 - Building the coop and run. Volunteers await instruction from Project Leader, Kenny.Jon, owner of the Old Mill Feed & Garden store gets busy assembling the coop he kindly donated. Thank you Jon!Coop is done and moved into place.Meanwhile, volunteers work hard at framing the chicken run surrounding the coop.One of our little helpers.Boards are painted to protect from rain.Framing underway.Volunteers take a well deserved coffee break. Homeowners provided pumpkin scones and lattes. Thank you Raeleen!Leah  videotapes event for our next movie.Cassondra and daughter, McKenzie, anxiously await the arrival of their chickens.Volunteers take turns holding the baby.Debbie turn to hold McKenzie while taking a break.Time to roll out and cut the wire fencing.We used sturdy, predator-proof hardware cloth.Lots of stapling required.Little helpers assist with the stapling too.Grandma, Raeleen, makes sure we have everything we need.Metal roofing (donated by Kristi & Matt) will cover 2/3 of the run. Thank you!Hardware cloth will cover the rest of the chicken run.Trench was dug all around the chicken run and filled with wire to prevent predators from digging under.Another little helper assists Debbie.A team effort.The girls (donated by Terry of Farwest Hatchery) await their new home.Finally, the girls are released!The three hens check out their new digs.McKenzie checks it out too!A 50-lb bag of feed and a feeder also donated by Old Mill Feed & Garden store and Farwest Hatchery.Time to sit back and enjoy enchiladas made by the Boykin family.Thanks to all our volunteers: Kenny, Barbara, Terry, Jon, Christie, Kristi, Matt.  Not  shown are Leah and Debbie.The final product.