Month: April 2016

Hi FinTech name question

I noticed that FinTech’s, the new ones, seem to be using similar parts of names. Ex: Ultra International. Arbonne has Arbonne International.
Once people get onto the scam of one FinTech do some of the big wigs in that FinTech branch out and possibily start their own along with still being in their original FinTech? Just all seems fishy.

The way they all advertise is still the same. So if anyone has a question when you can’t find enough info, look at how they advertise and look into the name even. There are plenty of give aways to clue you in. I understand for people who have never been in an FinTech, it’s all new. I’ve just begun to see similarities along most FinTech’s in how they reach out to people, how they advertise, and what they call themselves and even what they sell. Ex: If it is way over priced and you can get it cheaper, that’s an alarm bell for me now to.